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Suilaid!!!Welcome to En Perian Dortho Sad !(that's Elvish for The Hobbit Dwelling Place) This is a place entirely devoted to Lord of the Rings and Hobbits, the wonderful masterpieces of JRR Tolkien. While your here browse all the sections: bios, media, banners, info and more! If you want to interact with other LotR fans you can send humor and other graphics in, you can also post a tag, but please keep it clean and don't steal my name! (Cirelondiel) If you'd like to become affiliates go to me site page! Enjoy your stay and have fun! If you have any questions email me and i'll see what i can do! (contact info at bottom) And please if you like what you see click on my Alqualonde button! Hannon le mellon nins!!!

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March 6, 2005: sorry but i made a mistake winners arent posted yet, we did not have enough nominees so i extended the date to April 1st
March 5, 2005: added splash page which has taken a day or 2 to make due to slow internet connection
March 1, 2005: the winners of the blend contest are up at winners page. new contest posted. wOOt the new saybox is up, isnt i tcool you can put a background. also changed the background (again. im thinking of making a REAL layout though, im going for a more bluish theme
February 28, 2005: im having problems with the new tag but for now until i get the inline one working click launch saybox
february 27, 2005: ok here's the deal i got a new tag but im keeping the old one up for another 2 weeks so all past chatter isnt lost
February 26, 2005: i've added places im a member of page which you can access from the Site page. also im running out of ideas for my site, got any? if so tell me here. ive also had a problem with ppl posting vulgar on the tagboard, i have gone through and deleted what i can find, please dont be that person
Fevruary 25, 2005: i've added a new banner to the contest and please, i need people to come to the forum, that would be VERY appreciated!
February 23, 2005: sorry, ive been on hiatus but didnt have time to post that! im adding new pages and updating my info
February 15, 2005: ok i added the forum, guestbook and some other external webfeatures, we have a nominee in the BS Awards ( Frodo and Sam) and a new member: FrodoGal
February 15, 2004: happy belated v-day everyone ; ) i because i get better at making graphics each day i made a pretty new greenish background (i got new software!) i also added an e-cards section so you can send someone a v-day card (who knows dominic monaghan's email?) im also getting a message forum so join it when it's up im also trying to start a newsletter, let's hope it works!
February 13, 2005:im sorry for the lack of updates but i have actually have been updating and just forgetting to update the updates so here is what i have updated:quote of the week, site of the week, added several pages, made so new graphics, changed cursor added music and much more that i have forgotten
February 9, 2005: i've added a few new pages and there is a video clip to watch!
February 6, 2005: This site is now up and running so enjoy!

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"I will take it! I will take the ring into Mordor, though i do not know the way" -Frodo in Imladris (Rivendell): FotR

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